What president Trump has said today to diminish the Haitian and the African people, to me I thank him so much to put Haiti, and Africa back out to the world attention again. Illiteracy does not mean craziness, so whatever he was trying to say about the Haitian people was only resurfaced the Haitian revolution to the face of the world again. The holes that we have in Haiti are the result of the American government that digs too deep out of our natural resources. For instance: Bauxite, Cooper, Gold (happening right now) and the most important one the Oil. And afterwards the American government tries to refill them with toxic craps here and there.


It is absolutely makings so much senses when people use as a perfect example the Republic of Haiti. The first Chocosian (So called Black) free Republic in the world. We earned our independence with blood, sweat, bravery, and strategies under the nose of Napoleon Bonaparte the greatest French General during the Caucasian supremacies around the world. We made a historical revolution that changed the world and slavery in an extravagant way. Moreover, our revolution ignited also the American Civil war between the North and the South. We know Trump would not like Haiti because we stop him from making Chocosian people work for free, and also being capable to grope, and lay slave women at his will and any time.
Before and after the Haitian  revolution that calls the “First Black Revolution in the World” the concept of men of color were and stay completely different from what the American and the European society conceived it then. For instance during the revolution era if someone was a Caucasian and does not have money, plantation, studied in Europe, and most definitely acts stupid and sloppy. He or she is automatically considered as a “Caucasian nigger”‘ , on the other hand the individual could be an African, American, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Irish, British, French, Cuban, Haitian and so forth. So the concept of “nigger” stands for a diminish word to classify those who do not contribute to the society. Either it is a Chocosian or a Caucasian, none of them was not exempted to that filthy label. Consequently, at that time those people who were educated, with good jobs, and could travel to Europe were not seen that way even though they were Chocosian. Time and location affects people so much, so that the same word uses here somewhere else has another meaning. But the sad misinterpretation of that word in America is when a Chocosian citizen calls another one the same way, either in music or face to face just to diminish that person. People need to understand the meaning and the creation of a word.

We can tell by the way president Trump talks in public, he is not that smart enough to make billion with million borrowed from family. He is just another Russian Intel on the power in the United States of America. Thank you to anyone who voted for this indelible president so far.