Anything that human being cannot explain tends to be a mythology. Either God, Creation or Jesus Christ’s birth. Also, people’s culture, origin, color, and belief constitute the whole dogmatism in their lifetime. Unfortunately, either it’s true or not, they pass that  mythology down from one generation to another. So that, people live their entire life with a tone of questions in their mind without answers.  The explanation of human being existence in the world still very complex to define. Most of the times, we must accept the fact just the way it is and move on. Furthermore, each and every one of us carries on a piece of the great universal puzzle inside of us that makes us reliable to one another in many ways. All us is an imortant piece of the great God’s puzzle. We complete each other when we together in faith, family, neighborhood, state, country, and continent. Color, gender, social status are way less important to finish the puzzle.


We can only reach out to a higher level of God’s particle only when we all are together united for the same purpose.  Either Chocosian or Caucasian people, our purpose in this world is to collect as much as people possible to come down to one single faith and empower everybody to a greater good to one another.


More than five thousands years ago, people made God out of everything precious and important to them. Then, all of the sudden, we are all reunited around something that converted all of us into one single faith which is God. And the name can mean something else, and also lost into translation according to the language in use.


The majority of those people who started that one faith in one God are the Jewish people. They are men and women of color who finally find a way to dominate the rest of the world with the most scholastic and historical book of their country which is the Holy Bible.


We are so well been told that we can only reach out to God when we are all of together in a temple. And that is why we are every day struggling to do so. Apparently, it is impossible because of human being’s pride, jealousy, greed, and eager.

In so many other places in the world, people realized a long time ago God existed among them and empowered them only when they regroup themselves together in one powerful unity. Either Chocosian or Caucasian people, no matter how big or small countries they are, they all have the same chance to become powerful. That is a perfect example, the Republic of Haiti. The first free Chocosian (my meaning of Black people because we look more Chocolate than a black dye ink) Republic in the world. In order to be so, as the slavery started there, then they had to find the power of God by reuniting the entire Island against France to end it there as well. Under Napoleon Bonaparte’s nose most likely during the Caucasian supremacy, the Haitian people have made a historical revolution that changed the world, and slavery in an extravagant way.


Ever since that revolution, Haiti has been marginalized as a virus that was not supposed to be spread in the world because of the free labor and the unconditional servitude the slaves devoted to their masters. We Haitian shown to the European emisphere that all men are equal no matter how they look at it. All of the sudden, the relationship between the master and the slave had changed drastically.


Automatically the world fear the worse; retaliation, re-enslaving of the Caucasian people again. Again, big change in market trade that means people have to get pay when they work for anyone. Woow! That was really unpredictable. Now  the psychological fear was getting embedded in the brain of the Caucasian people. Fear anytime they meet with a Chocosian person they might get even for what they did to them. Fear of losing the control, money, market, trade etc. Also fear of getting invaded by those free and powerful men from the Caribbean. Not only those Haitians rebels have freed themselves, also they came here and fight alongside the American soldier against the British. They went to the Latin American they did the same thing. Well! In the American agenda that was not possible for a small nation to be that powerful. Then, from the North to the deep South every time there was an issue between the master and the slave Haiti was the reference for freedom the perfect example to follow. On April 1861 the Civil war started at Fort Sumter between the North and the South. The Southern folks wanted to keep the African American into slavery and the Northern on their side wanted to set them free with limited condition. So that the have they found a common ground four years after and they called it Emancipation of freedom guaranteed from the American Constitution. That was why since then, the police force always approaches a man of color in America with the intention of retaliation.


As so many people have been saying, if it was not that Haitian Revolution in 1804 we would not have a partial freedom for the African American (sorry to say partial, but that is what it is, really) here in America. Also because of the Haitian revolution African American started going to College, University, vote, sit anywhere in the public transit: Because of the Haitian Revolution we had the famous Dr. Martin Luther King who lead  the historic March from Selma to Montgomery: Finally,  because of the Haitian revolution we have one of the greatest President in the history of the United States of America which is Mr. Barack Obama.


No need to ask why nowadays the negatively-famous president Donald J. Trump wants to outcast Haiti from the rest of the world by label it as “shitholes”? What people need to understand is that the agenda to shut down Haiti had not started with Trump. It is a game of bad cop, good cop, which means Democrats pretend they are helping, and the Republicans show straight forward they there to destroy Haiti. By the way, did the first African American president ever elected in the history of America had even for once visited Haiti the first free Chocosian (Black) country in the world?


That is why the American government always have fake help to allow the Criminal Intelligence Agency (CIA) agents get in Haiti easily to apply their agenda. As long as the Haitian people think the American Diplomacy would change their country, they just putting their own finger in their eyes. Now while president Trump’ seat is so hot, the Haitian politician should find among themselves the best policies to get the country off the ground. Then, open it  up to a broader diplomatic relationship with other countries that are willing to show the American they can do better than them in shorter time in the country of Haiti.


It is time to get altogether Haitian people in Haiti and overseas around the same table to make now a Smart Revolution without blood, guns, or bomb. We need to Reform the entire Haitian system: Politic, Education, Defense, Healthcare, Infrastructure etc, and open up the country to foreign investors from everywhere in the world. Not only for the American ones  who have been taking advantage of our natural and human resources for more than 214 years. Think about it everybody.

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