Haiti is one place on the face of the earth where anyone feels at home and wants to stay forever besides the apparent poverty and infrastructure. It has a natural attraction that is undefined by any mean. The simple fact that we are an extremely hospitality nation from the very beginning, that makes critic think Haitian people do not care about the land. That is not the point. Hispaniola became Haiti and belongs to the Haitian people after the nation independence in 1804. The forefathers wanted to create a nation of pride, eager, and united in the face of the world; so that they get “people of color” from everywhere including America (our only partner in business at that time) to repopulate the Island. During that period of time the country was divided in governor general; Christophe in the Northern, Pétion in the Southern, Boyer in the Eastern (Dominican Republic today) and Dessalines in the Western. That way those generals had the control of Hispaniola. Meanwhile, the Eastern side (Dominican Republic) has been ruled for more than 22 years by Jean Pierre Boyer and his crew. Only one thing that made Haiti different at that time from any other developed country in the world was the fact they wanted to create a colored and free country that stood against the colonization. Moreover, in other to make it happen Boyer funded the whole project, and sent his brave soldiers to get people from all over the North and South America, and the Caribbean to make Dominican Republic what it is today. (Henry Louis Gates Jr. Prof)

After all that progress, Spain have tried over and over to re-conquer the East side of Haiti (Dominican Republic) once again the Haitian generals have sent troupes and ammunition to set the Eastern region free; meanwhile, war and yellow fever diminish at the same time the Spaniard soldiers died like killing flies on a glue trap until they completely disappeared in the country. Afterwards, Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic) was so prosperous besides the international trade banned by most of the European countries. However, the one and only diplomatic friend Haiti had was the United States of America, everything that made in the country has been sold to USA. Hispaniola made so much money at that time Boyer agreed to pay 60 million francs to France to leave the country alone. The temptation and the greediness of America toward the growing “colored republic” pushed them to show their real face in 1889 when the American government did the first invasion in Haiti; they seized up Navassa a large national reservation of guano in the Southern region of Jeremie , which is more than 200 miles away from Florida an American territory. (4)
From 1915 to 1934, the USA came back again with more oppression to the nation of Haiti and a bigger invasion that last 19 years, they got the best out of the country; gold, diamonds, golden crowns, bauxite etc. Thanks to “Makandal” (if you know what I am talking about); Haitian people found a way to kick them out with their own boots in the butts. From Europe and everywhere in the world anyone who wanted to come enjoy their vacation time chose in Haiti. That explained also every weekend at that period of time Port-au-Prince population was 73 percent tourists from everywhere. Every now and then US diplomacy strike again in Haiti to keep the country under control. Furthermore, from 1957 to 1971 during Dr. Francois Duvalier’s governance the country never ever been so stable economically and socially because he did not let the USA interfere in the internal decision. And then, 1991 to 2004 Haitian best diplomatic partner which is the USA struck twice again to cut off the political stability in the nation; with so many temporary leaders who did not change the country to anything positive.

After the earthquake the Republic of Haiti with the support of countries from all over the world is now trying to get back on track socially, economically, and politically. There the USA again with the aid of the local spies who are trying to create the worst controversy in the partnership between Haiti and Dominican Republic (Hispaniola) which is the reject of nationality for Haitian-Dominican who were born. Now people would understand who is really after that judicial law 168-13 of Constitutional Tribunal (TC). Furthermore, the president of the Electoral Junta Mr. Roberto Rosario stipulating that; “People who are born from parent who are in transit in Dominican Republic are not considered as of Dominican, so that they have to leave the country for undocumented issue.” What a fallacious attempt to the human right in Dominican Republic? (3)

Mr. Rosario and the “Junta” forgot their roots as Haitian-Dominican pure and simple. While they are talking about illegal people they are all illegal by themselves because they have Haitian, American, French, Canadian, Nigerian and most definitely Spain last name all over the country. In some places Dominican speak English and Spanish, and Creole and Spanish. Haitian people gave sweat, blood, flesh, ammunitions, soldier, and money to keep Hispaniola as an equal nation in the face of the world. Those lawmakers are not Dominican by themselves if we consider what Boyer did to make the East side of Hispaniola what it is today. (2) On the other side, The street of Haiti right now is overpopulated with Dominican who are working all over the city of Port-au-Prince as interpreter, laborer, in hotel, and night club whether they are men or women they are always welcome. Hispaniola, don’t let the filthy American Diplomacy set the Island on fire; they only don’t want Haiti to move forward because they freed those men and women of color from America by providing them a place to live with their family and friends in Haiti.
In the Agenda of the American political perspective for the Caribbean, stability among the Islands constitute a threat to them most likely Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic). The game is on; Dominican people need to avoid falling into that diplomatic trap. Hispaniola is not Israel and Palestine where American political parties are playing their strategic game of good cop and bad cop.

Remember, Haiti is a mysterious country; it could be bent to the ground it is not going to stay down forever. Everyone knows if Haiti is at that economical level today people must blame it to American foreign diplomacy. In 1984 the Haitian money was equal to the American dollar that means a dollar for a dollar, now it is 800 percent, so one America dollar for eight Haitian ones (40 HTG). Haiti buys most of the materials, food, and clothes they do need from USA. Dominican Republic opened a common trade with Haiti now, so Haiti buys fewer products from USA. Obviously, the USA has to find a way to stop that partnership. After almost four years since the last earthquake in Haiti, USA made promises after promises, but Port-au-Prince is still at the first step, the economy does not change a bit. Where is all that money collected and projected to invest in the country?


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Roberto Rosario: CIDH es injerencial, invasiva y poco respetuosa; dijo metodología usada es inapropiada

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