Bob, we are mature now in the History of Haiti either about the revolution or the economy. So, I am trying to support your point, but I cannot prove it to anyone. We know the Haitian government made a big mistake since Réné Préval’s presidency term. However, it is everywhere on Youtube people are extracting our natural resources right now.  Therefore we do not  know “WHO”.

Furthermore, I need to remind to all of you guys who made a comment on Professor Bayyinha Belo’s interview about the Haitian History. My point is that we all need to see history and compare it with the eye of now. I mean there was never, and will never have a poor country in the world. So that, Haiti is not a poor country at all. There are only poor people and rich people everywhere. What makes a country rich or poor? There are three basics elements that define it: Human Resources, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure.

I see so many poor people who live in a rich country as America, also so many billionaires live in a poor country as Haiti… Each country in the world has some resources that nowhere else has it; for example diamond in Africa, and Bauxite in abundance in Haiti. We need to be very contemporain with the terms in use for more than 5000 years ago.