Bob, we are mature now in the History of Haiti either about the revolution or the economy. So, I am trying to support your point, but I cannot prove it to anyone. We know the Haitian government made a big mistake since Réné Préval’s presidency term. However, it is everywhere on Youtube people are extracting  more
on January 30, 2018


T-Vice T-Vice is the second best Konpa Band in Kanaval behind D.P. Express. Djakout has been one of their main rivals since 2002. T-Vice was past rival with Sweet Micky, Konpa Kreyol and Carimi.In 2012 it was stated that T-Vice and Kreyol La will become rivals in Kanaval now. T-Vice is a similar band to
on May 24, 2013

Djakout vs Zenglen

Saturday May 25 2013 Djakout vs ZenglenTropical Paradise Ballroom 1367 Utica Ave – Brooklyn NY Djakout Mizik is a Haitian compas band based in Carrefour, Haiti, Djakout Mizik is notable for their slow jazzy style and have produced songs such as Septieme Ciel, Naje Pou Souti, and Biznis Pam. On New Year’s Eve 2007, they
on May 24, 2013