We think no one has invented anything without looking once again on what someone else already did. Having said that, we suppose to follow what people in New Orleans did after the hurricane Katrina. At the first place, the survivors should have been moved out the disaster area to somewhere else. At this point, our humanitarian friends could have more possibilities to help us easier by providing food, medical treatments, and built new shelters. Psychologically speaking, those people could feel better because they would be distant from the cataclysm. The more they are at the place where the earthquake happens, the more they still thinking and remembering it. By now Haitian people should have started the process of regulation to overcome that profound trauma and sadness which the dreaminess stands as the new dimension of living.

The stand point of this is, the Haitian’s government could have the possibility to clean the city from everything; debris, dead bodies in the street, power cable and so forth. Port-au-Prince was already crowded way before the earthquake but now after the disaster it’s getting worse. We think if all those people should have forced to leave the city now our saviors could have enough room to move out the way all the materials they bring to provide assistance for Haitian people. Furthermore, to reconstruct Port-au-Prince it has to be emptied. As we said before all those NGOs that are right now in Haiti they have to help us rebuild the country. We need another type of construction code for the city that could be able to resist to hurricane and earthquake. All those cracked building must be breaking down due  to a lot of people are looting in them not to survive but to make money. If they were not still in the city this prowling would be happening. Already, 4000 prisoners are melted in the street with the rest of the citizen not an easy situation to control.

We have to move the Palace to another area automatically that will create a new city around which obviously will attract investors, tourists and new type of home with the entire possible infrastructure. Unfortunately, that earthquake helped the world to understand how bad the situation was in the Haiti. We need some malls over there where all those separate stores at “Croix-des-Bossales” will be in one place clean with restaurant and everything. The question is now that; why Haitian governments in spite of all those countries they have visited in the world never want to rebuild Haiti like one of them. Probably because if they do so they will not have enough money piles in their pockets. Another chance to rebuild the main ghetto in the city which is Cité Soleil with some vertical constructions, parks,  large streets, Police and fire stations, sewer, a larger with more respectful officers, cable TV, internet and many industries around to help them find a stable job. In this case the city will have more control of all the citizens living in there, otherwise we can expect nothing from the Haitian government either our international friends in the country now.

Irony of the curse, Haiti au Virtuel stands actually as the only government we have now because the real one is inapt and impotent for a long period of time. It’s time for everyone to say a big NO NO to the elderly class on the power in Haiti they have to move out and be replaced by a new class of young knowledgeable and active people. A group young men and women will be without doubt more energize and willing to change Haiti at any price than those that are ready to be retired. We need the participation of all Haitian to move forward and to write with us on www.haitiauvirtual.net the new government with the participation of all classes in the country and all parties as well.

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