harmonik2013T-Vice is the second best Konpa Band in Kanaval behind D.P. Express. Djakout has been one of their main rivals since 2002. T-Vice was past rival with Sweet Micky, Konpa Kreyol and Carimi.In 2012 it was stated that T-Vice and Kreyol La will become rivals in Kanaval now. T-Vice is a similar band to Top Vice and Scorpio Fever which was Roberto and Reynaldo Martino fathers band in the early 1970s through the late 1990s. T-Vice is also similar to Konpa Kreyol/Kreyol La, Sweet Micky and Carimi, but was a rival with all three of those bands. Since 1999 T-Vice was the most popular band in the Labor Day Carnival at New York to represent as a Haitian Band. T-Vice was declared the King of Eastern Parkway in the Labor Day Carnival 2009, as they had the largest number of people following their float. In 2011 the band did not participate in the Labor Day Carnival. T-Vice was the only Haitian band that was going to participate but had problems with their sound system and could not participate.

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