Nowadays, every piece of information about Haiti becomes extremely interesting, that it be positive, negative or a propaganda. Since that depressed and unforgettable day in January the country had known, and until now, the entire international media is focusing on Haiti because everyone wants to know what the future of this country will be. Each one expects one way or another some changes will happen in Haiti to make what it used to be ‘’The Pearl of the Caribbean’’. So that, anyone who needs attention can pretend to be the reporter of the moment by falsifying any information about Haiti and spread it over the internet to attract people.

Having said that, a friend of mine just sent to me an E-mail about the Florida-Haiti Interstate Tunnel, or The Caribbean International Highway that will connect Miami to Haiti (Cap-Haitian) through Porto-Rico, Cuba, and Dominican Republic. On one has to much doubts about this information to publish as a fact, because we think one should not mislead anyone who is looking for updated news about Haiti. The origin of the project is not convincing in anyway because of lack of data. Moreover, the Caribbean economy, the North and South America economy their entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP) depends on the flow of the American dollars. Yet, United States by themselves already in an economic downturn with the unemployment rate and the Real Estate market that blew up inside the country. Again, one presumes USA would not invest so much money now in a mega project like that. One advices to the Haitian sisters and brothers not to be too happy about that dream construction project, each one of you must verify by oneself the source of the information before share it with all the friends in the world. Haitian people would be really happy if there was such a big project in Haiti after the earthquake. But when one question oneself to know :

  • A project of a such great scale should it be already the very first morning after on Discovery Channel?
  • Why since then no one had never said anything about it either on CNN or MSNBC news?
  • Under the supervision of what country or organization this project will receive the funding?
  • If it is a country that is funding this project what the catch would be?
  • What is the social infrastructure plan to provide services and security to the passengers?
  • What should be the possibility to have rest area, gas station, and motel at a regular price?
  • Which country would have the supervision of the immigration service and the narcotic traffic?
  • What should be the the country investor or the organization interest to develop that huge project?

These are the least of questions anyone should ask to herself or himself before go any deeper on that project. Nonetheless, people may take in consideration what has been said, either it is true or false it could lead to something real anyway. The entire world we are living in has been created first by the words of the Lord before it became what we are enjoying today according to the Holy Bible. Obviously, what that person said about the interstate could also become real, that means developers everywhere could take this as a possible project to invest in. And for the next ten years, we Haitian people could go to Haiti by car, or train without any fear to get stuck back there.

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