Time flies so fast, the hard year 2010 is almost gone forever. Before that happens let us wish you a Merry Christmas, and pray the lord for you to have a better 2011 healthy, in a better and secure job. Haiti has been through enough drama for this year, we all need to pray for the country, so that 2011 could be a year of development, security, social stability, peace, and joy inside every Haitian’s family. Meanwhile, Haiti au virtual had never stopped giving advices to anyone that had a chance to visit the site for a while. If the Haitian’s Government, the UN, and USA were listening to us more than $30 millions would not have been wasted for some nonsense elections, while thousands of people are still living under the tents and waiting for their day to get contaminated by the cholera. Sad picture for our nation. May God Bless our sisters and brothers who are still hanging in there despite all those dilemma.

We wish to all of you inside and outside the country a Happy New Year 2011 without any of those bad time that you encountered in 2010.  And to all my friends on Facebook as well a wonderful year full of success in every attempt.

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