Science never lie because of the simple fact if a scientist fails to prove what he or she demonstrates; automatically that would be considered as a catastrophe, nobody won’t believe in it anymore. By observing the workplace people should realize the main crisis of unemployment is a cold war between people who dropout from school early to start working versus those who stay to earn a degree.

Either they are Caucasian (so called white people) or Chocosian (new version of so called black people because they look more Chocolate, or Caramel than black) who are better off than the majority from the same social status who got a degree. Those group constitute a no social class because they do not belong to the first class for lack of many things; education, degree family legacy, business, plantations, real estate, etc. Neither to the second one because they do not have the necessary degree as engineer; doctor, nurse, lawyer, technician etc. Definitely, nor to the third class because some of them have a house, a stable job, a family, and earn more income than the majority people of this class. There is a Haitian proverb that says: “God knows how to give, but he does not know how to equally share”. That means there are here in the USA and many other countries (definitely underdeveloped ones) people with just a high school diploma, or lesser than that who are living a good life without having made that much of effort grads people are doing to reach out a lifestyle. As a result, anyone in this country who dropouts and starts working without a diploma become automatically the produce of a vicious system that is work, work, and work.

Time flies so fast, before people even realize it, they could be at the same job, same position for 5, 15, or, 20 years, and at the same company as well. Also time changes so many things, for instance people’s behavior; education, skills, attitude, character, and so forth. Before, they become diligent about the whole change they could be manager, supervisor, director, and human resource without a degree because they earned their position over the years.

Unfortunately, this new social group represents in so many ways the other side of the cold war that indeed affects the society in its increasing change. The matter is this class is actually the gatekeeper, the one everybody has to come through in order to have a position at any workplace. They hire, promote, and fire people at ease. The majority of that new class is met at retail store, restaurant, hotel, union, auto parts, and so on. The statistics in this sector is so devastating. Moreover, the job opportunity also is controlled by this specific class. After so many years at their current position they become so comfortable, sometimes they make people believe they own the place by the way they express their arrogance. When they talk about the job they always personalize it so bad by saying; “my job, my company, my crew, are you on my clock? Get out of my premises, etc”. They have constantly the misapprehension that they on top of the company. Meanwhile they forgot if  it’s a corporate that owns by so many people, even the chief executive officer (CEO) could get fired like anyone one else by the shareholders.

This hostile behavior creates a cold war at the workplace between those Bosses Against Degree (BAD) versus the grads, and the undergrads who want to have their fair share as well. The problem is, those bosses are constantly on their guard to protect their position by blocking the possibility for the grads to get through, and they think their position would be automatically jeopardized once the grads are in.  That’s why nowadays, in order for the grads to have a job they admit to downgrade themselves, play low profile to get it there. Otherwise, they could get fired before even get hired. Therefore, it is easy for anyone to distinguish a cat among a bunch of dogs. Having said that, it is also easy to point a finger to those BAD because the majority of them are really offensive in their conversation; they also think any new employee is a threat to their position, so they must stop them at the first place before they get into a better position.

Education, knowledge, background, mutual respect, and skills these things talk for themselves from anyone’s behavior. No wonder why an educated employee wouldn’t ever be capable to hide his or her personality no matter what the skin color is? As it’s been mentioned, doing low profile as a new employee in any company couldn’t be easy for the most. On the other hand, the grads also want their fair share at the workplace, so now they have to create the possibility to earn it. Explanation flows much better between educated people, there is always open competition without anger, and threat. Once one of them could show what he, or she brings as a contribution to the advancement of the organization the rest of the crew pleasantly welcome his or her idea no matter what the skin color is, rather what he or she will teach or learn from everyone.

Remember “Birds of feather flock together. If you are an eagle it will be difficult for you to hang out with chicken because they cannot fly”. Meaning whenever someone is among his or her peers the understanding come automatically, and they get along easily, it might sound like they known each other for years. That’s what makes it so complex for the grads; and undergrads people to get along with the BAD in the same company, mostly where the requirements to be a boss are really low. Although, nowadays the new technology offer to anyone the possibility to earn a degree at their convenient time, and make herself or himself more valuable at the company most of the BAD still ignoring this advantage. If they don’t take it as of an opportunity that’s their personal choice; thus, they cannot either envy those who sacrifice their time at school to earn a degree. They have to keep their anger to themselves without showing it to their co-workers; they must blame it on themselves and nobody else. Online education is accessible anyway; on the phone, tablet, laptop, and computer.

Those BAD when they do something wrong at work, then someone mentions that to them they use their position to retaliate against that employee because they cannot be wrong. This is becoming a common denominator everywhere because it is throwing out in the street the best employees from any company, and also valuable workers who can’t stand the caprices of those bosses against degree. This specific group is classified as monotonous people who think all is always good, they do not need to get any better, and they are comfortable indeed in what they are doing.

However, the coin has its reverse side, for example when one of the BAD lose his or her job, at last their position as a manager, vice president, district manager, supervisor, human resource, and so forth. Most of them plunge directly at the bottom of workforce because there is any guarantee they will have the same position in another company. In this country the higher people fall the worst they break apart, that means from a well paying check to the minimum wage most of them fall in drugs, robbery, prostitution, or suicide. At least, an associate degree could move them around from one company to another without any worries. The Bosses Against Degree could take away any position from anyone, but there is one thing they cannot take away is the education, the degree, and the skills earned along the way in the company.

It takes only a genius without degree to build up an empire, or a family legacy that last for a long time. Again, those people have their mind set as monopolist that means they always have something under control. That’s why they often create what is useful to the society in general. Anybody who is not one of those geniuses, has is one way to make it with dignity anywhere possible is having a degree anyone could take away. Besides that people must be really careful with what they earned because nothing is this country is granted, chances are they might meet someone to hook them up to something good, and the rest will be on how they keep it for the longest, and become successful. If it’s happening to anyone in the USA to lose his or her regular income; automatically their house, their car, their asset, and even their family could be gone as well. For that matter, it’s preferable to have a degree without a job by far, instead being a boss against degree. Any given day with a degree anyone’s life would automatically change from having nothing to everything possible.

Sometimes, people wonder if going beyond a high school diploma is necessary by observing most of those geniuses did not go any further. Otherwise, who will be responsible to educate, and to keep the children at school when they can see like anyone else so many rich people, and BAD who are living better than a teacher? No matter what they say, it’s important to educate oneself. Until one dies his or her education is the main motive that would any day transform his or her economical and social burdens into a brighter perspective. It is proven so many ways already that educated people are in constant transition to something better. Also one rather has a degree which is not in use, actually instead of being stuck in a position because of lack of it.

The fundamental purpose of human being in life is learn and transmit that knowledge to others, also have a good education to raise a family, have a dream job, and be useful to the country socially, politically, and religiously. After someone fulfilled those obligations at the end find himself, or herself strives in a cold war at the workforce face to face to BAD (Bosses Against Degree) does not sound right. Whether it is in a private organization or a public one this is so frightening, necessary attention need to be asserted. The contrast in this cold war between those groups is that either Caucasian, or a Chocosian people, none of them are exempt to that issue. One of the worst common things they say to keep grads and undergrads people away from having the job is skill. Bosses against degree pretend after graduation those fresh grads need skills to be hired. People acquired skills most likely with their hands on. If someone never came close to something in his or her life, the very first time he or she is working on it that would feel so strange until the routine come through. In order to resolve this issue, it should be mandatory for the Department of Education to make internship an obligation toward graduation at any level, and any profession. It is inadmissible to listen to some faculty teachers instruct that grad schools are for people who already have a job, and want to advance their current position. This is so wrong because it does not matter how smart the employee is he or she always needs reorientation from a position to another even though it is inside the same company.

Obviously, that intervention could end up the cold war before it breaks apart the society. Education, degree, and skills equal experiences in any field whatsoever. Knowing that there is no way for someone to have experience if they never had a chance to start it somewhere. However, any grads or undergrads have been learning so much before the university release them out in the workforce. For instance, any curriculum for education at any level comes with the basics knowledge of computer that means actually there is no administration that is running without it either. So any student nowadays has already the least in need to be hired anywhere in the world, the rest is just routine that acquires with the time on a daily basis.

The cold war in the workforce between the grads and the bosses against degree is more frequent in private organization where the owner could be the chief executive officer (CEO),  chief financing officer (CFO), chief operating officer (COO), the director, the human resource ( HR), general manager (GM), district manager (DM), the manager, the supervisor,  and so forth. The states institutions are a bit different because they have an international standard to follow. Again, they represent the social regulator between every organization; it does not mean they are exempt. Fundamentally, this growing cold war is slowly destroying the national economy because many manufacture companies left the USA (United Sates of America) to go overseas because of the simple reason the bosses against degree (BAD) do not leave enough room to the grads and undergrads who could bring new ideas, methods, strategies, and advice in the manufacture for a better future. Lack of degree, and education create automatically room for improvisation, which is often dangerous for the system in place because it does not reflect scientifically the cultural prospective of the organization. Nowadays what makes any organization competitive globally is the input of each lead position bring into it to make that company a whole. And preserve its market position by the satisfaction of the clientele. Obviously, it takes education to make it happen. Otherwise, it would be the same routine for years to come until the customers have enough and leave to go somewhere else.

Law makers in any country in the world are responsible to check and balance the society, to protect and regulate citizen’s interactions within different social groups. In another word, this crisis is up to the government to settle a standard of title anyone can reach with or without a degree. It is senseless to realize someone in a private or public administration reach out an advanced position without any degree at all. Meanwhile there are so many other people in line who could perform better at the position. Even though the prerequisite it stated associate; bachelor, master, or doctorate degree. It is hysterical to listen to the representative of the human resource in some company during an interview ask about what someone needs to have to fill a position. For instance, anyone needs to have a bachelor degree; a commercial driver license (CDL), bi-lingual (Spanish, and English), good credit, good driving record, and available all the time to have a $10 per hour job. They need to stop luring people at some extent. The fact the job market is down most companies are taking advantage of it. BAD are always motivated by the instinct of conservation of their territory; they prefer gossip as their main motive to run their position. They are also willing to sell their soul to the devil to keep their position. That is why they are so reluctant to new employee with degree. This situation is a catastrophe at the workforce not only in the USA, but also in so many underdeveloped countries.

One of the most important people at the workforce in any country is a teacher; however, most of them earn the salary of a manger at any retail store who does not even have an associate degree. Ironically, those bosses against degree sometimes laugh at any teacher’s nose when they talk about salary, and pride at their workplace. Who could imagine such a dysfunctional social exclusion is happening in the most developed country in the world which is the USA?

Unemployment constitutes a major dilemma for the national economy; it affects indeed the gross national product (GNP) in any way imaginable. Although, the government opens so many possibilities for states, and private organizations to hire more people, the problem still persists. The reason why is because every year there are more people with degree out for new jobs in the workforce. Sadly, the position the new grad wants is already occupied by one of those bosses against degree (BAD). Most families have one son or daughter who is a victim of that complicated situation which is a huge pile of debt for education, and working a low pay rate job because the  because  the lawmakers failed to set the protocol to be a boss for those who took an early shortcut to the workforce.

Every family wants the best for their kids, which means good academic education; good background, become rich and famous at early age, in other words to continue with the family legacy. What if they became all that before finish high school would it be mandatory to send them to college anyway? Knowing they achieved their family wish in their early age now there is no need to advance at school, it becomes automatically unnecessary for them. At that specific point, would you force your kids as a dad, or a mom to go to college after they become millionaire before they reach the age of eighteen? Is academic education that important in people lifetime? It is so ambiguous to tell the right thing that depends on where the family history stands, and what is more important individually for each kid. However, we all aware that the more education anyone has the more secure his economy is, and the better he or she would be capable to mange it without anyone’s help. That is why so many athletes who were rich before are broke now because of lack of personal management of their wealth. Doctors are very important social personalities because they have money and knowledge together. At last it very good to be rich and educated.


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