This moment touches every one’s heart no matter you celebrate Christmas or not because it put families, friends, and enemies together once in a year. As a result, peace reigns all around, forgiveness and better understanding prevail. Some religions think the celebration of Christmas is so wrong due the unknown real date of Christ’s birthday. Others relate it to some sad memories in their culture. Apparently, nobody is wrong if people once again double check their history. There is always something related to what people say about Christmas. Furthermore, it is a celebration of a new year that is why everybody is concerned, whether you like Christmas or not.
Another great reason to love the Christmas season is that everyone around us makes our life meaningful, we love, we fight, we share good time and bad time with each and every one of them, and at the end we stick still all together for another year around.
The entire team of Haiti au Virtual wants to wish all of you Merry “Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014”. May this year brings you what you ever wanted in your life and many more to come.
Gunce Lominy
Haiti au Virtual
December, 2013

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