We know those countries that pretend they are Haiti friends they all lying to us. Jean Claude Duvalier could not be now in Port-au-Prince without the American’s and the French’s permission together. After 1804, Haiti considered as an epidemic in the hemisphere because we teach people how to be free from slavery. That lesson changed the entire South part of United States, politically and economically. However, that uprising definitely lead to the American Civil war between the North and the South. So today, we can celebrate the Martin Luther King’s day because of the Haitian people.  The French government despite the 60 million francs Haiti paid to them for having put down their Napoleon the Great and they still hate on us. We are at a very complicated situation after the November elections that show to the rest of the world the Haitian government is completely irresponsible, and allow those so called friends to play their tricky diplomatic game to the Haitian people all around the world. We got hurt so bad by those traitors. Jean Claude is a Haitian citizen; he can come in the country anytime he wants to respond against the charges. As a former president he cannot come in Haiti when the situation is so alarming. The fact we have that former dictator in the country that makes Haiti in a total confusion of explosion.  When some people talk about Duvalier’s power to refer to what he did well, obviously they talk about François, but never Jean Claude Duvalier. Remember that! We got fed up with the Macoute under Jean Claude’s power, Bennett started buying American dollar under Jean Claude‘s power, Fort-Dimanche became worst still under Jean Claude’s power. What else can we say about him? You know the rest.

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