Bob, we are mature now in the History of Haiti either about the revolution or the economy. So, I am trying to support your point, but I cannot prove it to anyone. We know the Haitian government made a big mistake since Réné Préval’s presidency term. However, it is everywhere on Youtube people are extracting  more
on January 30, 2018

“Retaliation, Fear of 1804”

 Anything that human being cannot explain tends to be a mythology. Either God, Creation or Jesus Christ’s birth. Also, people’s culture, origin, color, and belief constitute the whole dogmatism in their lifetime. Unfortunately, either it’s true or not, they pass that  mythology down from one generation to another. So that, people live their entire life
on January 23, 2018

Enlightening President Trump about Haiti!!!

What president Trump has said today to diminish the Haitian and the African people, to me I thank him so much to put Haiti, and Africa back out to the world attention again. Illiteracy does not mean craziness, so whatever he was trying to say about the Haitian people was only resurfaced the Haitian revolution
on January 11, 2018

Cold war at the work place!

Science never lie because of the simple fact if a scientist fails to prove what he or she demonstrates; automatically that would be considered as a catastrophe, nobody won’t believe in it anymore. By observing the workplace people should realize the main crisis of unemployment is a cold war between people who dropout from school
on February 2, 2014

Very Merry Christmas to all of YOU!!!

This moment touches every one’s heart no matter you celebrate Christmas or not because it put families, friends, and enemies together once in a year. As a result, peace reigns all around, forgiveness and better understanding prevail. Some religions think the celebration of Christmas is so wrong due the unknown real date of Christ’s birthday.
on December 23, 2013